Chinese Drill

Flash Cards in a Phone

New! - Free coverage of HSK Level 1!


Chinese Drill is a software replacement for flash cards, and helps the learner to learn and revise Chinese words and characters. It facilitates self-testing and automates revision scheduling on the basis of scheduled repetition. In addition it functions as a simple character and vocabulary reference for beginning to intermediate Chinese learners.

The structure of the levels and lessons correlates with the official learning material for the HSK tests (Level 1 in the basic apps, up to Level 4 with an In-app Purchase) and so the app can be used as a companion to the appropriate books.

Additionally, Chinese Drill allows the user to enter own words and characters (requires Chinese soft keyboard if entering Chinese characters).

NB: The screenshots above are from the Apple version after purchase of Levels 2 to 4. For differences between the Android and Apple versions, and regarding use with a tablet or iPad please see here