Chinese Drill

Flash Cards in a Phone

New! - Free Android version now covers HSK Level 1!

New! - Multiple choice now also supported in Android!


Chinese Drill is a software replacement for flash cards, and helps the learner to learn and revise Chinese words and characters. It facilitates self-testing and automates revision scheduling on the basis of scheduled repetition.

The structure of the levels and lessons correlates with the official learning material for the HSK tests up to level 4, and so the app can be used as a companion to the appropriate books.

Additionally, Chinese Drill allows the user to enter own words and characters (requires Chinese soft keyboard if entering Chinese characters).

A free version of the Android version covering HSK Level 1 only is now available. (This replaces the earlier demo version)

NB: The screenshots above are from the Apple version. For differences between the Android and Apple versions, and regarding use with a tablet or iPad please see here