Chinese Drill


Integrated learning of words and characters

Knowledge of both characters and words is tested in each session. Tests from Chinese to English and vice-versa.

Stand-alone operation

Internet connection not needed for normal operation - no blackouts in dead zones! See FAQ for further details.

Structured according to HSK levels

HSK Levels 1 is supported in the basic app. Levels 2 to 4 are available through an In-app Purchase.

Revision scheduling by spaced repetition

The more often you have answered a question correctly, the less frequently you are asked it again - less time wasted on familiar items, more spent on weak points.

Easy input of tone marks

Tone marks are entered via dedicated buttons - no need to look for diacritical marks on your keyboard.

Simple cross-referencing

Easy cross-referencing between characters and words. Usages in words are shown for characters, along with similar characters not to be confused with.

Analysis of characters

Composition of complex characters in terms of their radical and other components is shown.

Reference mode

Users can look up words and characters by entering English, Pinyin or (if their device supports Hanzi input) Chinese characters.


Users can enter their own notes for each word and character - further usages, favourite mnemonics etc.


Users can add their own words and (if their device supports Hanzi input) Chinese characters.