Chinese Drill

Are the Android and Apple versions different?

We try to keep the Android and Apple versions as similar as the two systems allow, but sometimes a feature is added to one version before it is added to the other. If you notice that the other version has a feature yours does not, please be patient - we will add the feature to yours as soon as possible.

It is recommended to have your device configured to automatically update apps, so that you get the update soon after release.

Why is there no free version for Apple iOS?

Unfortunately Apple App Store does not allow a free version of a paid app to be published on the App Store. We are currently investigating a workaround for this problem.

The app has been tested thoroughly on a variety of devices and reviewed by Apple, so we are confident that it will run on any device that allows the user to download it. Please familiarize yourself with Apple App Store refund policy before purchasing if you are uncertain whether the app is suitable for you.

Tablets and iPads

The layout has been optimised for mobile phones, but it has also been tested on iPad and Android Tablets. In some pages of the app, the extra space available will be useful and make scrolling unnecessary, but other pages will look rather empty.

If you are unsure about buying for an Android tablet, please try the free version, which has the same layout as the full version. If you are considering buying for use on an iPad, please take a look at the screenshots in the App Store.