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Differences between the Android full and free versions:

The free version is almost the same as the full version, but it is restricted to HSK Level 1, and limits the number of items that the user can add.

If you have any doubts as to whether the app can run properly on your device, you are encouraged to try the free version before purchasing the full version. The screen layout is the same for both versions. You may notice slightly longer loading times with the full version due to the larger amount of data, but this will hardly be a problem for modern smartphones.

Why is there no free version for Apple iOS?

Unfortunately Apple App Store does not allow a free version of a paid app to be published on the App Store. We are currently investigating a workaround for this problem.

The app has been tested thoroughly on a variety of devices and reviewed by Apple, so we are confident that it will run on any device that allows the user to download it. Please familiarize yourself with Apple App Store refund policy before purchasing if you are uncertain whether the app is suitable for you.